New & Reconditioned Batteries for your Car, Boat or Motorcycle

Here at Motor City Battery Company we have a large selection of batteries right on the property. We’re located in Lincoln Park, not far from Allen Park and can provide batteries for pretty much everything that needs one. Come in and let our friendly and helpful staff find the perfect item for your needs. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it for you and still offer the lowest prices around!

Marine and Specialty

Many items may need a marine or deep-cycle battery, not just your boat or trolling motor. Deep-cycle can be used in industrial forklifts or floor sweepers, off-grid energy storage devices and solar power systems, as well as larger motorized wheelchairs and scooters. When you need unique and specialty items, come browse our large in-house inventory today!

Car and Motorcycle

Regardless of the make or model of car, truck or motorcycle you can find the right batteries for your needs. Whether you need an entirely new replacement battery, or a secondary back-up in an emergency our staff can quickly pinpoint the one for you. If needed, we can also install any car batteries for you and dispose of your used one at no cost. Contact us today for all of your specialty battery needs!