Question 13: When should I consider buying a new battery?

Answer: After getting a battery checkup, if your readout indicates low battery life, then purchasing a new battery for your vehicle will be a wise investment.  Carbon pile load testing for your battery is determined during your checkup and approximates a car start to determine the overall battery health and longevity of the battery.  Our on-site technicians have certified conductance testers to electronically read your battery and provide these reports.  

Question 12: How do I know that I need a new battery?

Answer: At our Lincoln Park location, we offer free electrical checks to test the health of the battery in your vehicle.  With each test, we provide a customized readout of your expected battery life so you know when to purchase a new battery. 

Question 11: What is your product return policy?

Answer: We believe in a Hassle-Free return policy for our batteries.  That means as easy as we can provide a return for your product, we will.  Legitimate issues with products that we sell will warrant a cash-back exchange.

Question 10: How can I receive coupons and future product discounts from your company?

Answer: As a loyal customer to Motor City Battery Company, you will be offered future battery discounts.  We encourage you to subscribe to our discount battery email club to receive these offers on a timely basis.

Question 9: What is your customer information privacy policy?

Answer: We respect the privacy of our client data and do not sell or share information provided to us by website visitors or customers with any third-party companies.  We welcome you to contact us with any concerns that you may have about our information privacy policy.

Question 8: Do you offer any warranties on the batteries that you sell?

Answer: Yes.  For automotive batteries sold at our Downriver, MI location, we offer a three-year free replacement warranty.  If you have questions about our battery warranties, please contact our Lincoln Park location, and we will be happy to assist you.

Question 7: If you have to order a battery for me, how long will it take?

Answer: If we have to order a battery for a customer. we typically receive delivery of the product within a few days.  For common battery orders that may not currently be in stock, we are able to receive same-day delivery.

Question 6: Do you carry batteries for specialty batteries?

Answer: Yes, we do.  We have had requests for unique batteries that power radio-controlled planes and cars, solar-powered equipment, motorcycles, golf carts, backup power sources, and much more.  We encourage you to contact us to help with your specialty battery search. 

Question 5: How much does a new battery cost?

Answer: On average, our brand new batteries are 40% less expensive than any other retail location and are also installed for free.  We highly recommend contacting a battery specialist at our Lincoln Park location to determine the replacement cost of your battery.

Question 4: How far away are your locations from my home?

Answer: That depends on where you live.  If you would like to determine the distance to either one of our locations, please visit the contact page of our website.

Question 3: Can I request an order through your website?

Answer: Yes, you can.  By submitting a battery order request on ourcontact page, we will be able to provide the right battery products to you at the right price. 

Question 2: What types of batteries do you carry?

Answer: We carry batteries for all makes, models, and devices.  For a complete listing of our battery inventory, please visit the Products section of our website.

Question 1: How many locations do you have?

Answer: Our main store is conveniently located right off of I-75 in Lincoln Park, MI

3295 Dix Hwy, Lincoln Park,
MI 48146

(313) 451-8471

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22775 Telegraph Rd,
Brownstown Charter Twp,
MI 48183

(734) 561-3761

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2609 N Telegraph Rd, Monroe,
MI 48162

(734) 639-1197

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