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At Motor City Battery Company, service is our mission. We provide a high level of professional expertise, installing the best available products using the most efficient and safe techniques at competitive prices.
At Motor City Battery we diagnose the nature of the problem, advise on products or services required, and install the needed battery. Should the issue not be battery related, we will give technical advice and refer you to reputable service centers.

Service means more than just changing batteries. Service is a process of determining what the problem is, how best to fix it, and then doing so. In many cases the assessment of their problem is correct, but occasionally the issue identified is actually a symptom of a failure elsewhere.

The process we use at Motor City Battery Company is a 3-Step process: Identify, Inform, and Execute.

Three point process


Any good service operation must have a robust diagnostic apparatus. The customer’s stated issue is the starting point, but a thorough investigation is always performed to isolate the problem. Taking the customer’s information and understanding what they are experiencing, the technician will then begin a forensic examination of the battery itself. Having the ability to conduct electrical, hydro-electrical and load tests gives our technicians a view of the health of a battery. Tools can tell us what the status of a battery is, but it cannot tell us why it is in that state. Taking both the customer’s information as to the behavior of the car and the results of testing, the technician can get a more accurate picture of what is occurring in the automobile and through further testing can arrive at high-percentage solutions.


Giving the customer accurate information and presenting them with options so they can make an informed decision. Often times battery replacement is the sole problem. In that event the customer will be presented with all the options available that are appropriate for their automobile. Less frequently but still common, the battery’s condition and information taken from investigation will reveal problems elsewhere – in the charging system or starter, or the presence of an electrical draw from a malfunctioning component. Our company’s long presence in the community means we can refer customers to reputable service centers to address issues outside the scope of battery replacement.


Having experienced technicians allows us to replace batteries in a fraction of the time required at dealerships, parts stores, and mechanics shops. In most cases the battery will be installed and the transaction completed in less than 20 minutes. Often the process is so quick the customer can wait in their car throughout. Once completed they leave with a new or reconditioned battery backed by a free replacement warranty. Our shops accommodate all makes and models and also have experience changing batteries in larger trucks, RV’s, and golf carts.




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